Anti-Pandora V

Anti-Pandora V: An Action for SOMArts Neighbors, 2010


At approximately 9:36 pm, March 6, 2010 the artist stood in the dark landing of SOMArts lobby stairs to don gloves, earrings, and back-pack generator, emerging as Anti-Pandora.

During a lull in the announced programming, the lights began to dim. Anti-Pandora pushed urgently through the crowd gathered in the gallery and jumped into a negative stage space, a pit in the gallery floor. Taking a Rembrandt pastel from her Anti-Pandora Box, she scrawled the message “ASK ART FOR POWER”.

Jumping up and down to activate the backpack generator, she flashed light on the message. After illuminating the message for sixty seconds, Anti-Pandora bounded out of the hole, ran to the street, and disappeared.


Moments (Bringing Back the Now), Part I: 100 Performances for the Hole exhibition organized by Justin Hoover at SOMArts Culture Center, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California, USA and broadcast on SF COMMON cable channel.


• Back-pack generator capturing energy from locomotion to make electricity
• LED flashlight
• Silver peace-sign earrings (homage to Tony Labat)
• Black velvet opera gloves
• Rembrandt pastels
• Anti-Pandora Box


• Back-pack fabrication: Dave Kreitz
• Back-pack based on research by Larry Rome
• Engineering consultant: Anwyl McDonald
• Photography: Pamela Belknap