Interview crossed the wires of my art making and art writing, sparking an ongoing series of works about knowledge and how we get it (or how it gets us.) My collaborator Jennifer Locke and I started began the action in the roles of  “artist” and “interviewer.” Then we switched it up, broke out of our stage space, and improvised an audiovisual exchange that lurched to the edge of art and tumbled right over. [continues below]

Tromble. Interview

Tromble. Interview 2008Tromble. Interview 2008Tromble. Interview 2008

Images above: Interview, 2008. Performance with Jennifer Locke, at Crosscut: Human Slaughter Acts Performance Festival, curated by Jordan Essoe at Slaughterhouse Space, Healdsburg, California.

It was an “onstage conversation” gone wild, involving my critic/commentator persona in performance art and rapidly departing from the expected form of an educational event. Using improvisation and live video projections, Jennifer and I created a conversation from multiple points of view that exerted mutual influence. It was strenuous, it was fun, and it was also the birth of my performance persona Madame Entropy, although she didn’t have a name yet. She continues an ongoing series of performative works stretching and distorting the customary, explanatory forms of conveying knowledge.