Pale Maze

Pale Maze is a translucent spiral labyrinth surrounded by a field of unfired clay balls. The white nylon walls allow blurred vision into the installation, but the center is veiled by the concentric layers of the fabric. From the viewpoint of someone standing outside of the installation, as a participant walks in he or she disappears behind the successive veils of fabric. From the viewpoint of the person in the maze, the outside room falls away as they penetrate to the heart.  With the ambient lighting in the gallery dimmed, a bright spot at the labyrinth’s center glows. Upon reaching the center, the viewer finds the dense clay balls transformed into sparkling colored glass.


Pale Maze, 1994. Nylon, PVC piping, fishhooks, fishing line, unfired clay, glass, hand-embroidered patchwork robe and cushion, bond paper, pencils, signage.