I began writing about art when I became a regular artist/commentator for Sedge Thomson’s live radio show; in addition to producing hundreds of commentaries in fifteen years of broadcasting, I have contributed to many print and online publications. A few of these writings are linked below.


text-aasArt and Shadows

Art and Shadows investigates contemporary art in light of contemporary research, screening ideas from various forms of science for their application to art. Visit site


leesonThe Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson

I edited and contributed to this book, which the University of California Press calls the “first historical and critical analysis of [Hershman’s] work by prominent scholars.” View book

liaCookLia Cook

As one of three authors, I focused on new media aspects of the ouvre of this internationally-known textile artist. View book

sonyaPairings of Polarities: The Life and Art of Sonya Rapoport.

Editor Terri Cohn included my essay on Rapoport’s work Horizontal Cobalt in this important collection of writings on the conceptual artist. View book

calWomenYesterday and Tomorrow: California Women Artists.

My contribution to this volume, edited by Sylvia Moore, focuses on self-taught artists. View book


Features and Reviews

text-disturbA Disturbance in the Flow

A commentary on the Raqs New Media Collective and a missed opportunity at the Pacific Rim Summit of the International Society for Electronic Artists. Read review

Art As IconArt As A Way Of Knowing

A personal account of the Exploratorium’s symposium “Art As A Way of Knowing,” interlaced with findings in art, history, and science. Download PDF 

shaviroConnected or What It Means to Live in the Networked Society

A book review responding, in form as well as text, to Steven Shaviro’s provocative critique of being “networked.” Read review

genesisGene(sis) at BAM

An artist and a scientist walk through an exhibition of art related to genetics, and see entirely different things. Read feature

veniceBILLUMInations (Venice Biennale)

Ten artists in the Venice Biennale whose works contain, like a chunk of a fractal, the big themes animating the festival. Read review

invisibleInvisible Dynamics

The Exploratorium’s Invisible Dynamics project might be accurately be described as a generator for multi-dimensional landscapes. Read review

text-artsmeasureTaking Art’s Measure

Does art criticism matter? A rumination on the action of criticism within a community. Read feature

animalWe Are/Are Not Animal

A look at the notion that there is a boundary between “animal” and “human,” the history of that idea in regards to gender, and why it is important for us to think about these issues now. Read feature

interruptWe Interrupt Your Program

If, as some linguists say, men interrupt women as a way of asserting their power, the fourteen artists in We Interrupt Your Program turn the tables. Read review

Peer-Reviewed Papers

rapoportChemical Symbolism in the Art of Sonya Rapoport

Rapoport had unusual access to the nuclear labs at the University of California, Berkeley during the years they were adding new elements to the periodic table. This paper discusses a late 1970s print overlaid on data from a nuclear experiment. Read abstract

peerNotes on the Creative Process of Artist Collectives

Can an artist collective achieve genius? My experiences with the Stretcher crew lead to an investigation of the history and dynamics of artists working in groups. View abstract

Interviews, 1992–2006

Over time, texts will be added to this list as PDFs; in particular I would like to share some of the interviews I did between 1992 and 2006. As a start, a list of interviewees appears below.

Heather Akroyd & Dan Harvey
Christopher Alexander
Carol Becker
Michael Bell
Claudia Bernardi
Janet Bishop
Chris Brown
Tecoah Bruce
Irene Brydon
Christopher Bucklow
Ann Chamberlain
Claude Clark, Sr. & Claude Clark, Jr.
Michael Damm
Roy De Forest
Marie Dern
Rene di Rosa
Cliff and Mandy Einstein
Charles Gill
Marnie Gillett
Andy Goldsworthy
Ann Hatch
Wally Hedrick
Robbin Henderson
Toi Hoang
Doug Hall
Doug Hollis
Mildred Howard
Lewis Hyde
Ned Kahn
Paul Karlstrom
Leslie King-Hammond
Paul Kos
Stephanie Johnson
Suzanne Lacy
Lawrence Lasky
Robin Lasser
Kent and Vicki Logan
Liz Mamorsky
Amalia Mesa-Bains
Nobu Nagasawa
Manuel Neri
Dennis Oppenheim
Deborah Oropallo
Don Rich
Jos Sances
Raymond Saunders
Kay Sekimachi
Hassel Smith
Norman and Norah Stone
Fred Tomaselli
James Turrell
Lars Ulrich
Catherine Wagner
Darren Waterston
John Weber
Carrie Mae Weems
Lawrence Weschler