Anti-Pandora II

Anti-Pandora II: An Action for Americans, 2009


At approximately 9:39 pm, September 4, 2009 the artist slipped into the administrative offices of The LAB on 16th Street in San Francisco to don gloves, earrings, and back-pack generator, emerging as Anti-Pandora.

Holding a wooden box, Anti-Pandora gathered her forces at the hallway entrance to the gallery, then raced through the exhibition and audience, searching for the right person to receive her message [Fig. 1] She paused before a woman seated on the floor and said “Do you want to receive my message?” The woman replied “No” and Anti-Pandora turned and raced back through the audience, weaving through the crowd until she stopped in front of a standing man. She said, “Do you want to receive my message?” He replied “Yes” upon which Anti-Pandora opened the wooden box to reveal a folded paper.

The receiver took the paper and unfolded it [Fig. 2]; Anti-Pandora used the flashlight powered by her actions to shine light on the message for sixty seconds. The text, hand-written on The LAB letterhead: See your energy. After illuminating the message for sixty seconds, Anti-Pandora returned to the street and disappeared. It was reported that other audience members pressed around the recipient hoping to see the message but he kept it to himself.


Later in the week, the artist conducted a workshop at The Lab where participants could try on Anti-Pandora’s backpack and experience generating energy with it. None of the participants, however, turned into Anti-Pandora.

Location exhibition and festival organized by The LAB, 2948 16th Street, San Francisco, California, USA


• Back-pack generator transforming motion to electricity
• LED flashlight
• Silver peace-sign earrings (homage to Tony Labat)
• Black velvet opera gloves
• The LAB letterhead with handwritten text
• Wooden music box


• Back-pack Fabrication: Dave Kreitz
• Back-pack based on research by Larry Rome
• Engineering Consultant: Anwyl McDonald
• Photography: Nina Kuntz